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I fell in love with this breed and got my first Belgian - Nellie, on Anzac day in 2001. In 2006, Satine came like a firestorm into our life. With Nellie, I competed in obedience, conformation and herding. Satine has competed in some conformation but preferred the herding world. Both girls made Australian history by being the first ever Belgians of any variety to gain their C Course Started, Intermediate and Advanced titles in Australia. 

Late 2012, Satine had a litter. This is the first litter to be born under the Belbergere Prefix. I couldn't be happier with this litter and their temperaments are outstanding. Arwen is the girl I choose to stay here in our pack. Early 2014 Django came back to me for rehoming - he never left. 

2016, another first for Belgians in Australia. Django and Arwen gained passes for their odor recognition tests for Birch and Anise in the new sport of NoseWorks. I believe these were the first Belgians to gain these titles in Australia. 

I believe that not only should a Belgian look like a Belgian, but keeping the working ability, temperament and the health of the Belgian Shepherd is extremely important. I believe in minimal vaccinations, feeding a natural diet (BARF), and a more holistic approach to health. 

I will only breed when I am able to take on a dog to live with me and I will not breed before 3yrs of age, so I can be more assured of the health of both the parents and their future puppies.

Currently I have no plans for breeding.

I live in Brisbane, QLD.


The name BELBERGERE is a play words - BEL [bɛl] from the French word Belle (beautiful) as well as the first part of Belgian Bel(gian) and BERGERE [bɛʀʒɛʀ] from French word bergère (Shepherdess).

Also known as the Belgian Sheepdog or Belgium Shepherd, Belgium Malinois, Belgium Groenendael, Belgium Tervueren or Belgium Laekenois, Belgian Sheepdog - Belgian Tervuren - Berger Belge - Belgium Shepherds - Belgische Schäferhunde - Belgisk Fårehund - Belgische Herdershonde - Belgiske Hyrdehunde - Belgijskih Ovcara - Belgisk Vallhund - Belgianpaimenkoira - Groenendael - Laekenois - Malinois - Tervueren - The Shepherd dog of Belgium, in Australia they are know as the Belgian Shepherd Dog or Belgian Malinois, Belgian Tervueren, Belgian Laekenois and Belgian Groenendael.

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